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Despite being one of the most well-known mascots of Nick Jr., some children, particularly those with autism, were scared of him growing up (sometimes especially after his removal), similar to that of DQ's commercial mascot from 2003 to 2011, a mouth (this might have been … Coming up next is Blue's Clues! Dora: "We need your help!" Feel free to help Dora and friends by completing it by clicking on the edit button in this page. Now stay tuned for Little Bear! and now for all superhero out here Peg + Cat Is Next Here on PBS Kids (clears throat) There are many vegetables in my garden. They're the most beautiful vegetables I've ever seen. HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: It's a question that keeps popping up with controversial … [To the audience] Oh! Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! This is #2. Nick Jr. Face: [Eating a honey toast] Yummy! Bees! [sees a bee fly by] Oh look! NPR Fires Williams; Politicians Versus the Press. Did you who makes honey? Here's a list of tapes: (Note: Some already used! Caw! It's me, Face! Happy New Year to all of you. Here's a bee, flying above me! [trumpets] [laughs], Face: Hi, it's me Face. I'm the American Flag Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa (Giggles) (Spray "St. Pattricks Day") I water them to make them grow. So I'm gonna say a big king of the jungle goodbye! Have no fear, Face is here." Caw. [low voice] Beware bad guys and evil doers, I'm Face the superhero. Nick Jr. Face Sings and Spells the Name (Short Version) Blue's Clues - Telling Time With Blue (1999) Nick Jr. Face Has a Clock in the Middle of his Face; Nick Jr. Face Does a New Trick (Short Version) Blue's Clues - ABC's and 123's (1999) Nick Jr. Face Sings the Alphabet Song; Nick Jr. Face Counts Potatoes; Nick Jr. Face … Roar! Creating an Article Special Templates FAQs Nickstory Mysteries Community. Hey! This is a transcript of the Season 1 episode "Together". So rise and shine right here on Nick Jr.! Face even gets to meet up with some Nick Jr… [trumpets] [laughs], Face: [looking through a magnifying glass, then whispers] Oh, hi. (sings low) No. Here comes another. Face is the on-air mascot of Nick Jr. It's me, Face. Face is here. This is a transcript for Blue's Big Alphabet Party. [clears throat] [normal voice] The one and only Face to the rescue. Steve: Right!, Today is... Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, The Nick Jr. Because Blue's Clues is coming up next on Nick Jr.! I'm a little face. I'm Face the snowman, and I have a carrot for a nose, and two pieces of coal for eyes. This is a transcript for Blue's Big 4th of July Party. [laughs] (munches his sandwich) I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Paramount Home Video 7. Keep practicing your monster face because coming up next is a story about monsters on Little Bear! (white screen comes up) Look! TV Show. Dora: Hola!, We're The Nick Jr. … Lazytown Curriculum Board (FOUND) The Backyardigans Curriculum Board (Good Quality) (FOUND) He first appeared in between airings of shows on September 5, 1994, and Face does his Balloon trick (although the Nick Jr. block had aired without a host since January 1988). Numbers with Face: Category: Learning, Date Game added: 05-23-2011, Played: 28718 times Game Overview: Learning numbers has never been easier or more fun with Numbers with a face Top 9 Most Popular Learning Games at WebPaws Games CNN RELIABLE SOURCES. (singing) Peanut butter and banana! And now, Blue's Clues is next. Hi, Mr. Bumblebee! Look at me. [trumpeting] [giggling] It's me, Face, and I'm gonna show you some of my favorite faces. Peanuts VHS Trailer 5. Each competitor chooses a player: block characters from PAW Patrol, Blue's Clues & You, Blaze and more! I don't know when to talk! Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (Song) 3. Can you make up a song about something you like? See you later, on Nick Jr.! I love my nap. Now, I'm a big face. That's my vegetable garden song. [giggling] And now, for all of you superheroes out there, Blue's Clues is next here on Nick Jr. (trumpeting) (laughing), Face: Hoot, hoot. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. 1 Description 2 Looks 3 Appearances 4 Nick Jr. Face DoesA Balloon ride Face is the on-air mascot of Nick Jr… "Beware, bad guys, villains, evil-doers, I'm face the superhero." [laughs] This could mean one thing. (Blue's Clues Theme Song & Title Card) Steve: Hi, There! (footsteps echoing); (rhythmic percussion playing);; Yo Gabba Gabba; Muno Yo, right; He s tall and friendly; Foofa Ooh; She s pink and happy; Brobee Whoa; The little green one; Toodee Yeah Wow; She likes to have fun; Plex Whoa; A magic robot; Let s all come … (Blue barking) Oh! I'm eating a toast with honey on it. Face the lion! Roar! [trumpets] [laughs], Face: (roars like a monster) Hi there. It's time for me to say goodbye. [giggling] And now, for all of you superheroes out there, Blue's Clues is next here on Nick Jr. (trumpeting) (laughing) Do you see her anywhere? Please try again later. (normal voice) It's me, Face. Unlock more free episodes You are signed in with: Aired October 24, 2010 - 11:00 ET. Face here! [low voice] It is I, Face the Superhero. I'm looking for Blue. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Steve: Did you see a clue? These are the shows that currently or formerly aired on the television channel Nick Jr. Face The Superhero is a character. Hey! Here's my favorite. in New York City 2000 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: Three Wishes 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: The Backyard Show 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: A Day at the Beach 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney's Magical Musical Adventure 1996 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney's Campfire Sing-Along 2001 VHS,, Hi Evreybody! Tweet tweet. One, two, three. After all, Welsh is a very popular language! Face: (sings high) Yes! Blehhhhhhh! [trumpets] [laughs], Face: (singing) We are looking for Blue's Clues, we are looking for Blue's Clues. Hi there! Next time you listen to birds, see how many sounds you can hear. [trumpets] [laughing], Face: Hey, look at all the falling leaves. Blue: (Barks Hi!, I'm Blue!) Do you ever listen to birds? It's me, Face. King of the jungle! Narrator: Blue's Clues videos. I'm eating my most favorite sandwich in the whole wide world! Now stay tuned for more of Nick Jr. (trumpets) (giggles), Face: Roar! Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: Listen, I don't know what you're doing skulking around during daylight hours, but I don't want any trouble in here, [Judy opens the lid off her belt to use the fox repellent] so hit the road! Yes! (whistling) (giggles), Face: Hi, Face here. (hearts come out of his eyes) I love wintertime, cause it's so cold outside. Roah, bloh, bloh, bloh, bloh, bloh. (Giggles) (Blue Version). The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? Story Time/Blue's Safari/Blue's Big Holiday, Blue's Big Treasure Hunt/Blue's Discoveries. This multi-player game allows for 4 players to compete with speed to see who’s the best on the block! I'm singing the Yes, No opera. So rise and shine right here on Nick Jr.! [giggles]. Face Sings the Alphabet Song (Blue's Clues Versi… If you watched Nick Jr. between 1994 and 2004, you'll likely remember a character named Face, the mascot from September 5, 1994 untilSeptember 10, 2004, and makes occasional appearances on the NickRewind block on TeenNick, such as hosting a New Year's Eve block along with Stick Stickly (which notably involved a more edgy Face … Here's the face you make when someone scares ya: [screaming] [giggles] This is the face you make when you're dizzy: [feeling dizzy as said] [giggling] And this is the face you make when the one and only Muppet Show is coming next: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! (low voice) Face the monster. You can watch Blue's Clues every night and every day! Never fear. Face: I'm doing a face fish face, or isn't it a fish face face...? Please make sure to remove this template as soon as the episode's transcript is complete. "Meet Reggie" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies. Brr. Joe: Hi!, Guess What Today Is! Rhythm … Here on Nick Jr. [trumpets] [giggles], Face: Hi there! I was taking a nap. Right now, the Nick Jr. [trumpeting] Little Big Room is underwater. Face here. Here on Nick Jr.! History Talk (0) Comments Share. Mr. Salt: Hello, Hello!, I'm Mr. Sorry!)1998:1. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Blue's Big Treasure Hunt2. SpongeBob SquarePants: SB-129/Karate Choppers Credits (1999) SpongeBob SquarePants: Nature Pants/Opposite Day Credits (1999) CatDog: Surfin' CatDog/Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner Credits (1999) Nick Jr.- [trumpeting] we'll be right back. [trumpets] [laughs], Face: [snoring] Oh. I used Google Translate to … Can you roar like a lion? It's me, Face! To read the transcript for the film's DVD version, click here. Red, yellow and green. X Nick Jr. Block Star Challenge. Get ready to look for some clues! ... Video Transcript. Opening and Closing to Barney: I Love My Grandparents with Barney 1998 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney: Everyone is Special with Barney 1998 VHS, Opening and Closing to Spongebob Squarepants - Laugh Your Pants Off (2003 Hit Entertainment VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Song Time (1999 Lyrick Studios VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Song Time (2000 Lyrick Studios VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Song Time (2001 Hit Entertainment VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Song Time (2002 Hit Entertainment VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Sneezing (2000 Lyrick Studios VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Pirates (2000 Lyrick Studios VHS), Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Tweenie Band (1999 Lyrick Studios VHS), Opening and Closing to Barney in Concert 2005 VHS, Opening and Closing to Barney Live! Custom Time Warner Cable Kids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. This feature is not available right now. Face bumpers that were played during commercials Trivia. [trumpets] Roar! Nick Jr Face Tries Different Things Transcript: Hi Evreybody! Tickety: Hi!, We're Blue's Friends! Hey, I have a leaf for a nose. Nick Jr. Face Painting: Nonny Learn how you can look like your favorite guppy with some fin-tastic face painting! Roar! Peanut butter and banana! Steve: It's Me, Steve! No, no, no, no. [trumpets] [laughs and two snowflakes on his eyes], Face: Mmm! It's me, Face! Yuck, I'm the American Flag Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa Daa (Giggles), I'm St. Pattricks Day With My Four Leaf Colver (Giggles), I Can Make Choclate Cookies There Yummy & Good For You Body That's Me (Giggles), I Like Candy Canes If You Can Bite and Crunch a Candy Cane! (sings) Yes, yes, yes, yes. Coming up next is Little Bear! Nooooooooooooooooooo! Look, my eyes are little and my mouth is big. It's Me Face (Blue Version), I'm a Shooting Star We're Evreything Won't Go, I'm the Cheese it's Ooey Goey Meassy Yucking EWWWW! It's me, Face. It's tastes delicious! [giggling]/And this is the face you make when the one and only Little Bill is coming next: [laughing] [giggling]. [laughs] See you later on Nick Jr.! (humming, then giggling) Oh, hi. But they sure are gooey. Judy enters and sees Nick talking to Jerry.] THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. And here's a song about my vegetable garden. Dangly, dangly, dah dah! This is my fandub for a good ol' Nick Jr. Face promo where Face says a very long goodbye in Welsh. Face is here. Face was the original host of the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon. Lost Nick Jr. Lost Dora the Explorer; Lost US; Missing Noggin Curriculum Boards (Late 2005-2009) Edit. [to the audience] Oh, hi there! Here on Nick Jr.! Quack, quack, and chirp chirp, Here's one I really like. On Nick Jr.! It's Me Face (Blue Version) I'm a Soccer Ball (Giggles) I'm the Cheese it's Ooey Goey Meassy Yucking EWWWW! Cuckoo. … Joe: And Me, Joe! 1. Quotes Edit "It is I, Face the Superhero. Hi there, Face here. Return to Transcripts main page. Joe: All of Our Friends Including The Nick Jr. … Arts and Crafts1999:1. Salt!, With Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, and Cinnamon! Characters, and The Out Of The Blue Enterprises Characters: 4th of July! Hi there! And I used my iPad (iMovie App) to make the video, and it was fun to make! Paramount Means Family Entertainment VHS Trailer 2. Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeessssssssss! This article is about the transcript for the film. Here is the Transcript of 2019 animated film The Nick Jr… ), (normal voice) Hi there. Narrator: Now you can see Blue's Clues anytime on video. It's autumn, and the leaves are turning into all different colors and they're falling to the ground. [low voice] Beware bad guys and evil doers, I'm Face the superhero. Joe: Hi! He loves to express positive emotions and ask his viewers simple questions. It's snowing, it's snowing. [the videos appear] Singer: Grab a video, pop it in … Surpise (Giggles), I Can Make a Bumble Bee BUZZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZ (Giggles), Uh-Oh It's Too Much Color Spray I Can't Do It Again I'm Starting To Cry (Crying) I Can Scrub a Dye Off and You Can Wash In the Spray You Get Clean and Nice I'm Getting Tired Of Spraying Here Lets Get It Off, It's Nice There Dry (Giggles) I Think We Have Lots of Fun When We Use Good Manners All the Time It's Time to Start the Show Up Next Here On Nick Jr (Trumpets) All Done!

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